PAYROLL TAX CASE (1971): The Commonwealth's Taxation Powers and the States | AUSSIE LAW

The Payroll Tax Case! Yes! One of those extremely relevant constitutional cases decided by the High Court of Australia. In this video, we will make a summary of the literal interpretation of the constitution, from the Engineers case, to Melbourne Corporation to Cigamatic. And we end up here: 1971, and the possibility of the Commonwealth imposing a pay-roll tax on a State. Is this possible? Can the Commonwealth exercise the taxation powers under section 51 (ii) to tax a State?

0:00 - Intro and Background
1:48 - Facts of the Payroll Tax Case
2:50 - Question before the High Court
3:16 - Decision by the High Court of Australia
4:38 - Opinions of the Justices
6:32 - Summary of the Decision



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- The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act :
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