Payroll issues again

Payroll says that they don't have to notify anyone if they can't find or didn't receive time sheets. They also say they will not work with or respond to anyone who is not a supervisor. These payroll employees have shorted me every payday since they were brought in. when someone works from say 10am to 10pm they log their hours as 10am to 12pm - 12pm to 10pm. When you work from 10pm to 10am they log it as 10pm to 11:59 - 12am to 10am. Anyone who is overnight gets shorted and they don't care. When I sent them the fax report they said it doesn't matter that you sent it before the cutoff time, it only matters when we see it. When the payroll manager had to go home early a few months ago they "forgot" to pay over 1000 employees because she "didn't see the time sheets before the Tuesday cutoff".
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