Paula Quinsee and the EAPASA discuss Making sense of the Hybrid landscape

Hybrid working models are very topical at the moment with discussions ranging from a 2-3 working day in the office and the rest remote working or working from home.
Irrespective of which model an organisation chooses to implement, key is going to be taking into account the needs of your people and how to create a culture that is inclusive, where everyone's voices are heard and not those who happen to be more visible just because they are in the office.
We've also realised that mental health is health, and those companies that take their employees health seriously will be the ones attracting and retaining top talent giving them a competitive advantage.
There are 5 pillars through which we transact in the workplace and if we are not paying attention, they can cause disengagement, toxic work environments and a a revolving door with talent walking out the building.
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