Pats beat Bills, Trans swimmer kicking women's asses, Biden vaccine mandates, Rittenhouse vs LeBron

Here are the topics Clay covers on this Tuesday December 7th 2021 edition of Outkick the Show:

1:25 - Bills Dominated By The Patriots
3:25 - UPenn Transgender Swimmer Is Kicking Bio Women’s Asses
10:54 - Use Promo Code OUTKICK for 50% Your First Month!
12:31 - Biden Lost Another Vaccine Mandate Case
15:28 - 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
20:47 - Kyle Rittenhouse vs. LeBron
22:59 - New OK Studio Setup For Media Appearances
23:23- Go to for 21% OFF & a free silicone ring
25:17 - Don Lemon advised Jussie
28:07 - Stock Market Up, Covid Booster Nonsense

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