Part 2 Strategic Planning for Investing in Every Stage of Life

Jacek Lempart, the Belguim-based host of System Trader “The craft of investing,” interviews Paul Merriman in this extraordinary in-depth conversation, unlike others you may have heard. It has been divided into two parts. You’ll learn:

• Who’s Paul, and what’s the story of his careers?
• How have markets changed over the years?
• Why is Paul a big fan of academic/scientific knowledge?
• What should we do to feel satisfied and have a happy life?
• How to adjust strategy so that it has an appropriate level of risk?
• Where’s the border between passive and active investing?
• A systematic approach to investing vs. discretionary
• The philosophy behind the Ultimate Buy & Hold portfolio?
• What does Paul think about holding a bit of cryptocurrency as another asset class?
• Gold and commodities

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