Palestine Action Shuts Down Israeli Weapons Factory! Positive Leftist News, January 2022

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Introduction 0:00
Free Palestine 0:53
Workers' Rights 2:10
Food Security 18:45
Decolonization & Indigenous Rights 21:33
LGBTQ Rights 22:10
Black Lives Mater 25:22
Fuck the Patriarchy 27:02
Electoral Wins 27:28
Environment & Animal Liberation 28:43
Send Stories, Thanks & Credits 29:28

Palestine Action forced Elbit Ferranti to shut down and sell off their israeli weapons factory:

6,000 workers strike at Del Monte in Kenya:

Massachusetts nurses win 10-month strike:

Image Comics, first comic book union:

Comics workers in Spain form guild:

Activision Union:

Strikes shut down pulp and paper industry in Finland:

Garderie Bernadette union:

NLRB outlines details for new union election for Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama:

Starbucks California Union:

Texas gives patent free vaccine to the world: ​​

Kroger grocery workers strike in Colorado:

Students are striking across U.S. over COVID safety:

Teachers strike in France over COVID safety:

California requires grocery stores to donate all edible food waste:

Food Not Bombs wins legal victory in Ft. Lauderdale:

Judge clears Indigenous land defender over protest at US-Mexico border wall:

The Provincial Administrative Court annulled discriminatory anti-LGBT resolutions in Poland + comrades acquitted of civil disobedience:

Trans activists and allies protest BBC:

Activists who tore down statue in Bristol not guilty:

Anti-abortion demonstration shut down in Brighton:

Heavy rains help endangered salmon spawn in California:
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