Owning Your Performance Review: Preparing for Your Annual Review | WIMDI Webinar with Holly Burton

This webinar is the first part of WIMDI's annual "Owning Your Performance" event, which is a must-watch for any go-getter. These webinars aim to give you a blueprint for the three main phases of the review process: Preparing for your review, dealing with feedback, and negotiation.

Preparing for Your Annual Review, covers all of the steps you need to do before you even get in front of your boss for the review.


0:00 Preparing for Your Annual Review
1:09 Why performance reviews matter
4:21 Example: How to Have an Amazing Performance Review
5:45 #1 Before Your Performance Review
7:12 #2 Identify & Frame Your Wins
10:58 Example: The Power of Framing Your Wins
15:57 #3 Set Goals For Your Career
21:44 #4 Evaluate the Gaps & How to Close Them
24:54 #5 Figure Out Your Needs with Development Plans
27:00 #6 Frame Your Needs by Creating a Business Case
30:05 #7 Planning & Making Your Ask
31:40 The Key Shift Going into Your Performance Review
32:05 Checklist - What You Need to Do

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