Overcoming "Job Search Depression."

I spoke to Nader Mowlaee, an immigrant from Iran who struggled with an inability to focus, to conform with the patterns and designs of the groups around him. A previous engineer turned recruiter turned career coach, Nader knows too well what it's like to deal with a career disruption and how that can impact a job seeker's mental health. His LinkedIn page is: https://www.linkedin.com/company/engineeryourmission/

In today's episode, I explore JOB SEARCH DEPRESSION and the feelings that affect individuals with different brain patterns such as OCD and ADD. For decades, potential hires that displayed social eccentricities or mental health disorders were rejected from advancement because they weren't viewed as the right fit for the company culture, or the department culture.

Are companies building enough programs to improve their neurodiverse workforce? How can managers help the employees with special needs?

Through his own personal journey, Nader has picked up a lot of techniques to turn failure into professional success, to navigate the down times with more confidence and not waste time as you hunt for your dream job.

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