Over the Top: Moving from Survival to Stability... to Success... to Significance | Audiobook

Over the Top: Moving from Survival to Stability, from Stability to Success, from Success to Significance
By Zig Ziglar

To illustrate his point that the right kind of passion can lead to success, motivational speaker Ziglar provides stories of

"average people whose accomplishments have dramatically exceeded their abilities." Calling this book a training tool, he gives guidelines to develop and direct "passion founded on an ethical, moral base," which he believes will help build the positive attitude needed for a fulfilling life.

00:00:00 Forward and Intro
00:11:15 Chapter 1: What or Where Is the Top
00:29:44 Chapter 2: Having It All
01:00:30 Chapter 3: The Responsibility Is Yours
01:28:49 Chapter 4: Changing the Picture
02:02:34 Chapter 5: The Immigrant’s Attitude
02:44:21 Chapter 6: Motivation Is the Key
03:37:48 Chapter 7: Attitude Makes a Difference
04:23:54 Chapter 8: You! Yes, You’ve Got What It Takes
05:05:05 Chapter 9: A Goal’s Program Is a Must
05:42:06 Chapter 10: A Goal’s Program, The Key to Balanced Success
06:28:24 Chapter 11: Reaching Your Goals
06:57:38 Chapter 12: Getting Up, and Staying up When You’ve Been Knocked Down
07:39:03 Chapter 13: Commitment Plus Courage Plus Discipline Equals Freedom
08:17:29 Chapter 14: Finishing Well

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