ORCID in Research: beyond identification

This is a recording of the UKRN online workshop "ORCID in Research: beyond identification" held on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

An ORCID iD is a free, unique, and user-driven persistent identifier. It distinguishes researchers from every other researcher across disciplines, borders, and time. Researcher can connect their ORCID iD with their professional information—affiliations, grants, publications, peer review, and more. It can be used to share information with other systems and to ensure researchers get recognition for all their contributions.

This workshop covered:
- The ORCID registry (registration and main sections)
- ORCID iDs uses as a researcher
- ORCID iDs in the FAIR and reproducibility ecosystem

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Paloma Marín-Arraiza, Engagement Lead (Consortia team) at ORCID.

The presentation slides are available here: https://osf.io/dnqsa/

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