Optimizing HR, Running a Startup with Your Spouse, and Boosting Employee Benefits

0:00 Intro
0:52 How Amit’s HR pain ignited the idea for Compete
02:20 Spearheading the foundation of Compete
04:06 The day of a first-time CEO
09:44 Issues and gaps in HR’s compensation and benefits model and how Compete bridges them
13:51 The win-win relationship between employers and employees
16:53 Employees preferring benefits over monetary rewards: truth or myth?
18:00 How Compete’s technology works?
21:22 Future key features of Compete

HR professionals are constantly facing challenges. From the lack of data to benchmark employee rewards and compensation to an insufficient understanding of the bigger picture, the industry gap is glaring and calls for a cutting-edge solution to fill the void.

On today’s episode of Startups On Demand, I am joined by Amit Rapaport, CEO, and Co-Founder of Compete, a company that creates a clear solution and effortless experience to empower HR execs and CFOs with immediate insights into complete compensation package data.

Today, we share our thoughts on the layers of HR pains, industry gaps, what makes an HR a good business partner, and the “win-win” relationship between an employer and an employee.

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