OPENSPACE AGILITY: Succeeding with Agile by improving Employee Engagement with Daniel Mezick

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Are you looking to improve the results of your Agile-at-scale efforts?

Are you searching for a way to actively ENGAGE MORE EMPLOYEES in the change?

Engaged teams, managers, and executives are essential to success with Agile change.

Employee engagement in Agile change is the secret to genuine success, because ENGAGED people power all the improvement.

In this presentation, Daniel Mezick from ImprovingAgility.com will introduce you to OpenSpace Agility (OSA).
OSA is an engagement model. You ADD it to what you are already doing. OSA helps you keep everyone ENGAGED IN THE CHANGE.

OSA uses periodic Open Space events that are 45 to 90 days apart, in service to:

1. Engaging as many people as possible in the change;
2. Identifying champions and emergent leaders;
3. Reducing resistance and increasing participation, and
4. Planning for success with change by maintaining high levels of employee engagement

Here is an executive testimonial video (2 minutes long)

Here are some subject matter links:

Daniel is offering us a special discount, for our members only, on two special classes in November:

Nov 01-04: Open Space in Organizations: https://openleadershipnetwork.com/certification/courses/openspace/

Nov 08-11: OpenSpace Agility: https://openleadershipnetwork.com/certification/courses/openspaceagility/

The first 6 students to sign up for either class receive a FORTY PERCENT DISCOUNT on the course fee.

Those who do not want to wait that long can register for
Sep 13-16: Acting As An Executive Coach:
Daniel is so generous to give all members of the SMOTU community a 25% discount on that class.

Discount code in all cases is SMOTU. Thank you Daniel we really appreciate your offer!

You can learn more about Daniel Mezick at
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