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Mr. Ashutosh Kar is the Finance Head at ONPASSIVE. In this video, Mr. Kar talks about how ONPASSIVE is an all-inclusive place for employees as they get to have direct access with the CEO, Mr. Ash Mufareh. The workplace is built on strong goals and ideals that make it the perfect place to work. Additionally, he also talks about the Rewards & Recognition program at ONPASSIVE, where deserving candidates are rewarded with iPhones, SUVs and so on. Watch the complete video to know more.

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We Are So In IT To Win It!

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ONPASSIVE is an IT company solely focused on building a total business solution.
The organization aims to bring innovation, deliver value, and maximise business potential with less effort
& more impact.
ONPASSIVE provides exceptional AI solutions and services that adhere to globally acknowledged standards
and ground-breaking technology trends. Businesses can leverage the platform and attain business objectives,
thus driving them to success. ONPASSIVE has ample expertise to help businesses with all their innovative needs.
We are consistently working on building more feasible solutions for our global client base.
Utilize our rich experience for all your unique IT requirements."

Let’s unveil the comfort of using #AITechnology in our offices and homes.
The best ways to empower your #business using #artificialintelligence

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