Online Masters Course, sample content "Maritime Labour Convention"

This is a sample video from my Master's Online Course explaining MLC.
It's a key subject that will come up in all Master oral exams, as it's one of the biggest recent changes and has become the fourth pillar to Maritime Law.
It will also show you my teaching style and how the web app works.

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The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights, pursuing its founding mission that social justice is essential to universal and lasting peace.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s MLC, 2006 provides wide-ranging rights and protection at work for the world’s seafarers.
The MLC:
• Sets minimum global standards for seafarers’ living and working conditions.
• Combines and updates more than 68 maritime-related international labour standards, produced over the last 80 years.
• Makes it easier for governments and ship owners to apply the system and provide decent working conditions.
The UK ratified (agreed to adopt) the MLC on 7 August 2013, with it coming into force on 7 August 2014.
Marine guidance note (MGN) 471 explains the UK’s understanding of important terms used in the MLC.

What the MLC covers

• Title 1: Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship - age, and medical and training certificates.
• Title 2: Conditions of employment – wages, working hours, rest and leave, career development.
• Title 3: Seafarers’ accommodation, leisure facilities, and on-board catering standards.
• Title 4: Health and safety, medical care, access to onshore welfare facilities.
• Title 5: Complaints, inspections, responsibilities of the flag and port states.
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