Online! EP26 managing startups & how to keep growing business without external investment

This is Online with Amr The Internet Guy! The show focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them become more successful in conducting their business on the web without being stuck with Technology, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out, or buying expensive software!

My guest today is Silvia Martinelli-Waqued,
Silvia left her homeland - Brazil and migrated to Canada with nothing but a good business experience and a big dream. After working with a bakery franchise for some time, Silvia and her husband Bruno realized that their all-time favourite Brazilian snack (Baked Cheese puffs) was not readily available in British Columbia (probably not in the whole country), so they started their Own "Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puffs"

In 2016, Silvia and Bruno went to the Dragons Den and appeared in season 11 Seeking a small investment from our Canadian Dragons, and while they all loved the product and the taste they did not give any Dough!
Did that stop, Silvia? Not at all! It made her more determined.
Fast forward: Otimo has more flavours today and is sold in all the main supermarket chains in Canada (IGA, Save on Foods, Superstore etc.), it is also sold online from their website.

(I am yet to try it) :-)
Silvia and I discussed her amazing and entertaining entrepreneurship journey, her experience and of course Food!
Warning! This episode could make you hungry especially for baked goods, or cheese puffs, I am not responsible for that.

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