Online Assessment in QM10 Rersion 10.9.0 - QM Insights Podcast

The QM Insights podcast show is back on its mission to help SOLABS’ clients to learn from experience. In today’s episode, we are looking at the new online assessment capabilities that are made available for all our clients starting with the next release of QM10.

QM10 is an EQMS dedicated to helping Life Sciences companies learn from experience.

Product Overview:
Pricing Overview:
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00:40 Introducing today’s guests: Gretchen, Martine, Mathieu & Philippe
01:15 Find additional resources in our User Guides Index
01:49 What are the new features coming with QM10 release 10.9.0?
04:30 Our ongoing relationship with Questionmark
05:40 Demonstration of an employee performing an online assessment
08:18 The role of support in the implementation of the 10.9.0 release
10:44 Learn more about our validation package in our eRoom
13:00 Thank you to our guests and listeners
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