OneNote Tutorial

OneNote Tutorial

Exercise Files:

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
OneNote Interface 0:45
Creating Pages and Sections in Notebooks 3:11
Creating New Blank Notebooks 6:21
Adding New Pages Based on Templates 8:37
Basic Formatting and Formatting with Styles 11:06
Inserting Images 13:46
Inserting Screen Clippings 15:57
Bringing in Screen Clippings 17:31
Inserting Audio and Video Files 20:41
Creating Audio or Video Recordings in OneNote 22:54
Ink to Shape and Ink to Math 26:39
Inserting Spreadsheets 29:14
Attaching Files 31:04
Creating File Print Outs and Copying Text 33:27
Creating PowerPoint File Print Outs 36:03
Importing PDFs 37:45
Search 40:45
Search with Images 42:55
Creating and Using Tags 46:08
Search for Tags 49:07
Creating Outlook Task Tags 51:18
Emailing OneNote Pages 52:54
Organizing with Section Groups 54:14
Spell Check 56:42
Thesaurus and Research 57:47
Security Features 59:49
Using Linked Notes 1:03:04
Exporting Pages as Word Documents 1:05:44
Exporting Sections as PDFs 1:07:40
Exporting Notebooks as OneNote Packages 1:09:47
Saving to OneDrive 1:11:34
Saving to SharePoint 1:12:59
Emailing Pages Directly or as Attachments 1:14:28
Sending as PDFs or Word Documents 1:16:00
Creating Notes from Meeting Details 1:17:52
Sharing from OneDrive 1:19:16
Creating Links to Notebooks 1:21:22
Creating New Notebooks and Saving to OneDrive 1:22:52
Conclusion 1:24:57

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