One of a Kind Channel | 2021 Thank You Review | Engels Coach Shop

Thank you everyone who has continued to watch and support this channel. Without you all, my efforts would be in vain. I enjoy sharing how I approach the wheelwright trade, though there are many variations from shop to shop. Hopefully this broadens the awareness of the transportation industry that has developed over the past millennia. There is much not yet touched upon, so I look forward to ongoing videos. Thanks for following along, and thanks for watching!

Ways to help the channel also. These links provide financial support when you find them helpful. Thank you.

Merchandise Stores!
Store Frontier for tee-shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies.

Spring for mugs, tee-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Various items and tools you see me use regularly.

Mack Striping brushes -
Beugler Professional Striping Kit –
Beugler Deluxe Striping Kit -

Makita XFD12 cordless drill only -
Makita XFD12 package drill -

Hutchins 4500 6-inch DA Sander-
Norton Champagne 6 inch discs 400 grit -
Norton Champagne 6 inch discs 180 grit -
Norton Champagne 6 inch discs 100 grit -
Norton Champagne 6 inch discs 220 grit -
Norton Speed Grip 6 inch discs 320 grit -

Makita 14” cordless chainsaw with batteries -
Makita 16” cordless chainsaw with batteries -

I have multiple Makita tools so I have several extra batteries
Therefore I bought this tool only option.
Makita 14” chainsaw as tool only -

Good reference materials:

Carriage Terminology: An Historical

The Brewster Story -

Practical Carriage Building

Wheel making: Wooden Wheel Design

Carriage and Wagon Axles

An Interesting account of an early English Wheelwright Shop

The Wheelwright Shop, in Kindle form

3M spray adhesive I use

The Rasp I like to use – 14”

The Big Hoof Rasp – 17”

The Rebar Leatherman I use

The silk scarf I wear

My metal marking pencil

Metal marking pencil refills

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