omg you remind me of alexa demie (calm)

same description from the music ver.

✁ look and act just like Actress and Celebrity Alexa Demie. your hair, your eyes, your makeup, your vibe, all resembles Alexa!! have her style from head to toe, with an undescribable personality that is irresistible and you give off the best vibes possible. people love seeing— and hearing you as you always have the right words to say with the most confident attitude ever. remember , you are the moment: you’re the baddest.

¡ reminder ! you can remove any unwanted results, if you just want her attitude and not her looks you can manifest that. whatever you desire will come to you, so don’t worry

my sublimal is
POC friendly
NonBinary and Unis*x friendly

Confidence sublimal
Alexa demie subliminal
Maddy from Euphoria subliminal
Act like Alexa Demie Subliminal
Glow up subliminal
Become Alexa demie subliminal
Look like Alexa demie subliminal
It girl sublimal
Siren subliminal
Back to school subliminal
Hot girl subliminal
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