Oil Change Customer SUED After Worker Kills Someone with Car | ARE You Liable for Your Car!

Oil Change Customer Sued After Worker Kills Someone With His Car. You are liable for your car. On March 13, 2020, a customer needed an oil change and tire rotation so he took this car to the dealership for routine maintenance. While he was waiting, a 19-year-old mechanic with no drivers license was working on the vehicle when something terrible happened. This is more than a tragic story, it's an important lesson for all drivers in every state.

After the service was complete, the dealer mechanic attempted to start the car when suddenly it "lurched forward" crushing 42-year-old mechanic against a cabinet, court records show. That mechanic passed away. The dealer mechanic didn’t have a license, and the vehicle owner wasn’t behind the wheel. Now he’s being sued. Why are you responsible for another persons negligence?
Expert: Christopher Saeli, Esq. discusses Vicarious Liability and how it impacts you and your car.
Liability Lawyer: Blake J. Zaccagnino, Shaw & Shaw, P.C. | TikTok Channel: @blakezaccagnino

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1:25 Christopher Saeli - lawyer - Vicarious law
8:58 Valet, car repair or loan the car - assume the risk

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