Offering Food for Thich Nhat Hanh at his Altar | February 2022 | New Hamlet, Plum Village, France

For the first 49 days after Thay's passing, every day, in each of his practice centers around the world, the monks and nuns have been preparing food for Thay's altar in the meditation hall.

What is the significance of 49 days since Thay’s passing?
In the Buddhist tradition, the first forty-nine days after someone’s passing are considered an important period of continuation and re-manifestation. Traditionally, the 49th Day is marked with a ceremony at the loved one’s altar, attended by family and friends.

Traditionally, we offer the food and chant before the midday, and after the short ceremony, we bring back the food to the serving table so the community can enjoy the meal in mindfulness and gratitude. Nothing is wasted.

Marking seven weeks since Thay’s passing is an opportunity for us to come together in a peaceful, intimate way, to generate a collective energy of peace and mindfulness, as we honor and remember our Teacher, and continue his energy in the world. Thay himself has joked, ““Going deeper there is no birth and no death. That is why the so-called death of a cloud means the birth of the rain or the snow. So the cloud does not need forty-nine days in order to be reborn as the snow!” Each one of us can already continue Thay in every moment.

Plum Village will be hosting a three-day online retreat, "Coming and Going in Freedom" to commemorate the 49th Day of our teacher's passing, 11-13 March, 2022. For more information, please click the linke below:

All the dishes offered to Thay are vegan. If you would like to learn how to make Bánh Xèo (Yellow Vietnamese Crepe), please watch this video from our cooking retreat:
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