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Octavia Care is a private in home support care, that honours your freedom of choice. I’m here to help with household chores, personal care such as showering, manual and lifter transferring, dressing, IDC and stoma care. Help with medications. Supporting your abilities and community participation.
Car and Transport available.
Social and companionship.

To whom it may concern,
This letter is in relation to the recent notice I was served directing me to take the COVID jab. Whilst I respectfully understand that you are following the advice of the government, I am particularly concerned about this request, here's why.

In the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities ACT 2006, Section 10, it states that "A person must not be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent". (1)

It can be said, with certainty, that COVID vaccines are experimental by definition. This means that data is still being collected in ongoing clinical trials (2) as well as monitoring reactions in the general population to establish safety and effectiveness.

To further this point, all four COVID vaccines available in Australia have only provisional approval status with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (3).

It is a fact that no long-term safety data exists for these vaccines, therefore, as required by the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities ACT 2006, I am unable to give informed consent (4). Informed consent prior to taking a medical intervention is characterized by the Victorian Department of Health by having been given access to information that outlines disadvantages, alternative treatments and making a decision free from undue pressure or coercion, none of which has been provided to me. (5)

Being put in a position to choose between taking a medical intervention whereby the safety data is inclusive, or losing my job, most definitely fits the description of coercion.

It is also my understanding that in accordance with occupational health and safety, an employer must conduct a risk assessment prior to implementing a proposed safety measure. I would like to see this assessment. (6)

I also have serious concerns regarding compensation should I sustain a vaccine related injury. (7)

I hope to discuss this matter with you further, please contact me at your convenience.

Kind regards,
Norma Saba


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