Occupational Safety And Health (Amendment) Act 2022

OSHA 1994 is an act enacted to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of persons at work, to protect others from risks to safety or health associated with the activities of persons in the workplace, and for matters connected therewith.
The Act was finally enacted after the Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Act 2022 and the Factories and Machinery (Repeal) Act 2022 were passed by Parliament on 16 March 2022.
This video clip briefly explains the contents of the amendment to the act. However, if you would like to learn more about the content as well as comment on the major changes, please visit http://osh-isis.com/legal/osha2022.html

You can also watch this video clip in Bahasa Malaysia at https://youtu.be/GAb_bVvjU2g
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