NY Post Publishes Gross Hit Job On Progressive Congressional Candidate Alexandra Hunt

The New York Post ‘exposes’ congressional candidate Alexandrea Hunt for stripping to put herself through college and uses similar tactics as with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The Majority Report crew discusses Hunt’s stance on crime and the importance to meet the needs of the people. The crew also talks about her excellent platform.

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Emma Vigeland: Let's go to this new york post thing here, there is a candidate running in Philly, I believe it is the third district in Pennsylvania named Alexandra Hunt, I looked down her website awesome platform, emphasizes indigenous rights medicare for all a lot of issues that we really care about. She has also spoken about how in the past she was a stripper in order to help pay her bills essentially. The new york post wrote up an article about it naturally former stripper Alexandra hunt running for congress as soft on crime candidate...
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