Notice to attend a Disciplinary Hearing

This video is all about issuing and receiving a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing or a notice to attend a disciplinary inquiry/enquiry (those terms are used interchangeably). Employers, managers, employee representatives and employees can find value in this video as it is made with employers and employees in mind. I start by discussing the purpose of a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing to put into context the important information that should be on there. The remainder of the video goes into more detail about the information that I recommend be on a disciplinary inquiry notification - this includes information about disciplinary charges/allegations, the place of the hearing, evidence presented in the hearing, how long in advance should the notice be given, and all of the employee's rights and entitlements.

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only.

0:00 – Introduction
0:55 - Disclaimer
1:10 - Disciplinary notice template
1:51 - Purpose of a notice to attend a disciplinary hearing
4:54 - When to issue the notice to attend
11:43 - Disciplinary charges / allegations
21:24 - Details of the disciplinary hearing
23:08 - Employee's rights and entitlements
34:02 - Concluding the notice to attend
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