Nomadic Labs Research Seminars #20 | Self-Sovereign Identity and Storage

The Nomadic Labs Research Seminars series is dedicated to promoting and discussing the extensive list of Tezos research and development projects.

The series includes live presentations from major research projects happening within the Tezos ecosystem. These hour-long sessions consist of an expert-led presentation for 45 minutes plus a 15 minutes live Q&A between developers, academics, and members of the Tezos community.

This session features a presentation by Wayne Chang who introduces Self-Sovereign Identity and Storage.
In this talk, Wayne reviews the results of support with Tezos addresses, use cases that have been deployed, Tezos DID methods and Tezos profiles. Wayne also gives an overview of the Trail of Bits audit.

Wayne Chang is the Founder & CEO of Spruce Systems, Inc., an open source startup backed by Y Combinator focused on solving problems in secure digital identity and storage, deeply collaborating with the Tezos ecosystem. He is currently a co-chair of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Working Group. Prior to founding Spruce, he worked on decentralized identity at ConsenSys and built an acquired healthtech startup.
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