nobody quite like me

I know perfectly well that I'm the most HOTTEST
person who has ever walked on this earth!!
Overwhelmingly stunning and breathtaking beauty.
Extreme GLOW UP!
I'm everyone's crush and ideal type.
My vibe is the most seductive ever!!!
“Everyone falls at your feet?!"
Everyone loves me and wants to be like me!!
Why are you so sexy? I don't know, that's how I was
wherever I go, I'm the centre of attention
insecure? Never.
everyone is obsessed with me.
everyone always reminds me how hot and pretty I am
Everyone loves me and bows down to me
Im everyone's dream person
People can't get enough of me they are addicted, it's not my fault
I'm the best of the best always
I can pull anyone I want so easily
People go crazy about me and my breathtaking beauty
One gaze from me and you're hypnotised
Every move I make is perfect
Every second my face becomes 100x more and more prettier
I'm extremely confident
I'm so hot everyone is intimidated by me.
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