No one to date has produced a video before our trial of my behavior

@Earz To The Streetz Tv @Uncle Sug below is a small list of men who came after me for no reason at all, there are so many more, but these men stand out because for about the last four months one of them has mentioned my name by pushing false narratives and phony outrage while some were in the DISCORD! Disclose what you did before lying about what I am doing.

I am the same lady on @Uncle Sug hostile panel as I am today in Kwame's gang, gang mentality infiltrated channel, I am very cordial even in the midst of false narratives being pushed against me on panels while I am in the chat! I am done, I am exhausted - LEAVE ME ALONE! Stay out of women's business in real life and virtual life, and stop lying on me!

@Sizz Got A Wrench
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