Niu NQi GTS review | Drag race vs Grom & PCX

The Niu NQi GTS is an electric scooter built for city riding. And that’s key. We’ve ridden a lot of electric motorcycles, and while we’ve really enjoyed them, the range can prove restrictive.
We want a motorcycle to do anything we want, whenever we want, and if we decide we want to go to Scotland tomorrow, we can only really currently do that with petrol power.
But a small scooter has a very different purpose; it’s for scything through city streets. It’s for nipping to work for yet another meeting. It’s for grabbing some shopping or a takeout. And that means range isn’t a problem.
The only way to properly review something like this is to live with it, so we borrowed the Niu NQi GTS ‘Standard Range’ model for a couple of weeks to see how it slots into our lives…

Here's the full review, which includes full cost comparisons with petrol, as well as the price (and life) of the batteries:

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00:00 How is Niu pronounced?
00:58 Niu NQI GTS range & speed
05:55 What's an electric scooter for?
08:03 What it costs
11:10 Grom vs Niu vs PCX125
12:46 Nui NQi GTS convenience & storage space
16:00 Would we buy one?
18:45 Motorcycle instructor's opinion
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