Ninja Hypnosis: Mind Control Skills, Psychological Tricks & Seductive Story-telling Secrets

The most powerful influence tool ever invented is still one of the most "invisible, hide-in-plain-sight" secrets of human influence and persuasion.

Stories and metaphors have literally guided, changed and recorded the course of human history.

In this deluxe sneak preview video Dr. David reveals the secret science behind not only why stories hold such power over us but how to construct them in such a way that your audience finds them irresistible.

In this installment you'll be introduced to a concept known as "Omega Stories" which are uniquely constructed to change attitudes and remove resistance to your persuasive message on a subliminal level the for forces of Identification and transformation two of the most powerful psychological influence principles at work in our daily lives.

NINJA STORIES - How To Be A Hypnotic Story Ninja

In addition to their massive influence appeal stories can also be used as a deliver mechanism for a plethora for other persuasion techniques.

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