Nieuw Amsterdam Akkoord: Towards humane policy for undocumented people

Which steps should Amsterdam take towards a more humane policy towards undocumented people?

Currently, undocumented people in Amsterdam face institutional exclusion from the labour market, healthcare, education and housing. Consequently, young undocumented people, workers and the elderly find themselves in extremely difficult and vulnerable situations. In this program we aim to discuss the possibilities for the municipality of Amsterdam to improve the conditions and policies for undocumented people. We aim to collect action points for the Nieuw Amsterdam Akkoord of Pakhuis de Zwijger that is going to be send to political parties. We will use this document for an election campaign towards the municipal elections in March 2022. This program will both inform people about the current situation of undocumented people in Amsterdam and also a brainstorm session to collect policy recommendations.

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