New Year's Prayer

New Year's Prayer
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Dear Lord, I thank you for all that you made me experience in 2022.
The good ones inspire me to go on, to carry on with life. The not-so-good ones taught me lessons.
I thank you for giving me reasons to fight for what is true and essential in my life. I thank you, for the people who stand by my side – my family, friends and colleagues who truly pray for my wellness, kind people who extend their hands to help me with my difficulties, including their financial gifts. Bless them all!
For this year, I ask you to bless me with good health. Well, physiologically, it isn’t good at the moment, but this is the best, so far, that I can live with, and I thank you for sustaining me. Dialysis is hard to bear. If you allow me to have another transplant, it is a great blessing. It is very expensive, but I trust in your mighty power and your timing. From now on, I will be praying for the possibility. The thought gives me hope but I also pray to accept what could be a disappointment. Meanwhile, I am hopeful. I have been though a lot of hurts (oops /hert/) and tests, and as you promise, my Lord, the joy that is coming won’t compare to what has been.
Lord, I pray, to be spared from any more pain from things and people, as well. Make my mind and heart open and strong to take whatever this year has to offer. But please, no more hospitalization!
I pray that you lead me closer to people who would be sources of inspiration – people who have so much love to give. People who are inspiring are contagious. They make me hopeful and they give me reasons to fight and live a beautiful life. They make me dream again; they make me dream big. Dreaming is a good thing. It’s a step to realization.
Lord, I have been taking so many drugs to keep me alive. Please, let me not run out of supply of cheap pills, pills that cannot be bought in any store – dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. Get me closer to loving people and engage me in activities and help me think of happy thoughts that would trigger the release of these feel-good hormones. I realize, when I am happy, my health is much improved. When I am sad or feel depressed, I let my guards down. Help me create and live in a nurturing environment.
Lord, bless my employer and I thank them for letting me continue with my work. If its not too much, I implore,, you keep me employed,, or help me find a work were my talents and abilities fit. Work sustains me as well.
I have endless pleas, but today, I will end my first page with a light heart knowing you will never forsake me, in spite of my shortcomings.
Bless me Lord.
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