NEW| The secret between sudden death of Charlbi Dean and receiving JAB, Rab Wardell & Darius Danesh

EXCLUSIVE TRENDS| Almost daily, we hear about the death of a young man or a famous artist.

Examples abound, beginning with the British theater artist Darius Campbell Danesh, who was found dead alone, in his room.
Passing by bike racing champion, Rab Wardell.
And today, the rising artist, charlbi dean..
And the series continues, without revealing the mystery, of what is happening..

Yes, it is possible that some of these deaths, have different causes.
But there are analyzes, that most of them have been hidden, from the public for a reason

Young, old, young and healthy are dying in huge numbers all over the world, and authorities are commenting that
"The cause of death is unknown."

But what happened with C, and the relationship of her sudden death , to receiving the vaccine was a very shocking thing.

Let's get to the details.

The South African artist , was seen only 3 days before her death, in a boxing training hall.

With her athletic body, Dean used to go to the gym periodically, but she had been absent for more than a week, from attending the gym, and instead went to the boxing gym.

This made her coach more suspicious, so he asked her why her style of sports had changed.

Dean replied at the time that she received the vaccine 10 days ago, and she feels a great weakness in her body, and that she does not want routine exercises, but rather wants stronger exercises to restore her body's activity, especially as she has severe pain in the shoulder area.

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