NEW M&P 12 Bullpup Smith & Wesson 12 Gauge Shotgun Review FULL POWER & Minishell SLUGS!

NEW M&P 12 Bullpup Smith & Wesson 12 Gauge Shotgun Review FULL POWER & Minishell SLUGS! @Smith & Wesson Inc. @Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter I Live in Knoxville I would love a Firearms Tester Position & possibly being a Rep at Trade Shows, I have supported you, own tiny bit of stock etc. I would also love a T&E Account so I can get stuff. I have reviewed many old Revolvers, this, old Model 12, 9c etc. LE Law Enforcement Home Defense HD SWAT SRT Seals Pew Reviews by MMA/Combatives & Street Jiu-jitsu Expert DanTheWolfman w 4 1/2 Hour DVD! Gun Pistol Revolver Handgun Firearm Shotgun Rifle CCW Carry Home Defense Self-Defense HD SHTF Review .22 vs .38 vs .357 magnum vs 9mm vs .40 vs 10mm vs .45 ACP 12 gauge Classic old older new Budget Value 1911 Commander Hybrid Ruger ATI FXH45 Bulldog Beretta 92x 92a1 m9 m9a1 Walther Taurus Glock Arex Delta Gen 2 3 4 5 6 Sig Sauer Hk H&K heckler & koch 45c hk45 hk45c mark23 mark 24 mod 0 p30 usp vp9 Smith & Wesson Shield Plus Colt Detective Special j-frame k-frame Model 12 686+ GP100 692 856 605 905 942 G3C p320 ppq pdp RIA rock island armory springfield hammer striker 19 17 best caliber war wars micro compact full size holster holsters iwb owb aiwb appendix belts knife knives for women woman female elderly disabled men man stopper news shot show 80's 90's action movies die hard lethal weapon john wick
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