NEW MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Interview - 12/28 Twitter Spaces w/ Eric Weiss

NEW: MicroStrategy Michael Saylor: Bitcoin Is Truth Or Consequences - 12/28 Twitter Spaces w/ Eric Weiss, Alex McShane, Tomer Strolight, and Dplusplus.

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This spaces was recorded on 28 December 2021 with Michael Saylor, Eric Weiss (@Eric_BIGfund), Alex McShane (@mcshane_writes), Tomer Strolight (@TomerStrolight), and Dplusplus (@D_plus__plus).

They talk about Bitcoin as digital energy, and Bitcoin incentivizing good behavior and punishing bad behavior in future social media platform implementations. Michael Saylor talks about Bitcoin as a means of platform verification in the future and how it will compete with and ultimately beat out alts in this space with its Lightning Network, which is the perfect way to store and send energy with virtually no impairment.
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