New Jersey Martial Settlement Agreement - EXPLAINED

Official New Jersey Marital Settlement Agreement:

A New Jersey Marital/Divorce Settlement Agreement is a commonly-used contract whereby a soon-to-be-divorced couple details all terms behind the dissolution of their marriage. These binding terms and conditions establish post-divorce arrangements from the division of property to alimony payments -- and everything in between.

In this video, we’ll discuss:

How a marital/divorce settlement agreement works and its essential functions;
The importance of a formal, written settlement agreement;
Legal divorce requirements in New Jersey; and
Where to get an official template!

The couple may accelerate the divorce action by completing this instrument, and then submitting it to a judge if both spouses are on the same page regarding the distribution of assets and responsibilities. This way, the divorce can be quicker and more affordable instead of undergoing trial proceedings or hiring a costly lawyer.

Note that a settlement can be utilized in New Jersey to avoid “equitable distribution” by the courts. If both spouses reach an understanding prior to attending a hearing, they can file for an uncontested divorce and present their written agreement to the case’s judge for approval.

For more information about New Jersey marital settlement agreements, their functions, and vital legal requirements that govern them, watch our video -- and then head to the link above for an official template!



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Alimony Calculator: https://calculators.law/calculators/maintenance/new-jersey
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