New Full Elon Musk Interview with Timestamps 17th Nov 2021

0:01 Presenter Intro
1:00 Elon, Baby X and Intro Video Issues
3:54 Elon Starship Intro
7:20 Timeline for First Starship Orbital Flight
8:35 Saving Human Civilisation and Space X
10:49 Current Window of Opportunity for Mars
12:20 Permanent Base on the Moon
14:00 Space X Funding and International Collaboration
15:30 Starship Design and Material Details
23:16 Starship Heat Challenges
26:20 Radiation Protection in Space
28:00 Big Lift Potential of Starship
31:00 Humans to Mars Timeline
35:25 What Will we Discover on Mars
39:10 When Will Starship Launches be for Sale
42:24 Landing on Mars
45:00 Challenges with Landing on the Moon
48:17 Mars Protection
50:15 Risks to Human Civilisation and Tesla 
57:00 Neuralink
59:28 The Great Filter
1:00:58 Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Batteries
1:04:47 Fusion
1:05:40 Battery Materials
1:07:00 Elon Sign Off

Elon Musk talk from the SSB and BPA Joint Fall meeting. Credit for Original Video Before Editing: Space Studies Board and Board on Physics and Astronomy: https://livestream.com/accounts/7036396/events/9926169
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