New EU Workers Rights just NOT for the UK

The European Commission’s plans to protect people in precarious jobs in the gig economy could be the most ambitious extension of workers’ rights from Brussels since Britain left the EU…But obviously, Britains hates workers rights after all they put the cross in the wrong box and gave these Tories the 80 seat majority needed to dismantle their rights…
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But if new plans are adopted for the EU members citizens, workers rights will have another level of security within the gig economy companies, such as Uber and Deliveroo, would have to treat workers as employees with minimum wages, sick pay, holidays and better accident insurance, unless they could prove that drivers and couriers were genuinely self-employed…
Ohhh, remember When I was an employer and contractor in construction this was a fine line….Subcontractors could be described as employees if they worked for the same customer and tools or the van was supplied…So we as a subcontractor and employer we had to rotate our subcontractors but not employees…Pain in the ass but it was important as employees were often paid less but were compensated with benefits…unscrupulous contractors often paid lower employee wages but treated them as subcontractors… No Workers rights other than maybe health and safety…
The HMRC curbed this behaviour somewhat within the construction industry…
Unfortunately, the gig economy has been a target of abuse by corporations abusing a similar archaic system…Employees are being treated as Self employed but this behaviour has been legalised by the UK government for some years in the form of ‘Zero Hours Contracts’ Now I believe the concept of Zero Hours Contracts is actually good But, there’s a BUT it should be used for what it is intended…such a casual or seasonal work not bloomin long term employment without rights…NO… just so Pop De Ping Tim Martin can sack his hardworking under-appreciated staff during a pandemic and only pay them until the last day they worked…unlike if they had an employment contract with protections…
Oh my giddy aunt I digressed somewhat…
Workers in the EU would also get greater protection against management by algorithm, which would mean they cannot be denied work or fired by a machine whose code is wrapped in secrecy…The British government will have no hand in making these rules, nor any obligation to apply them.

Nicolas Schmit, the EU commissioner for jobs, suggested the same effect could apply to the latest gig economy plan. “This standard will influence not only the 27 member states and the platforms operating in the 27 member states, but this will probably also become some kind of a standard which will apply to other countries or even parts in the world…
Depressingly Alexander Boris de fluffer Johnson was elected in 2019 …’I remember it well’... on a manifesto promise to introduce “measures to protect those in low-paid work and the gig economy”, an idea expanded in the Queen’s speech that year with a pledge to bring forward an employment bill that would “protect and enhance workers’ rights as the UK leaves the EU, making Britain the best place in the world to work” Oh... Oh what happened...it’s just another
Two years have passed the lying toerag has brought no improvements to workers rights, no employment bill has been published…but why would you be surprised…. Johnson was just greasing the pole to that throne…Even when he was a kid he wanted to be KING…No workers rights bill…NO…But he has had time to push bills… Make more critters, no measure breaking parties, denying flat refurb begging WhatsApp messages and steal your rights with his ‘oh’ so not so Priti Patal’s 2021 ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill…..lovely

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