Never had a job/finished highschool/hate writing a resume? Interview tips/ideas here. You got this!

I had a few of you ask questions such as:

- what if I am 16 and have never had a job?
- what if I never finished high school?
- what if I don't have the right clothes to wear for an interview?
- what if I want to get a job but don't have any resume at all?

in this video I will cover

-ow to write a resume if you are a teenager,
-how you shouldn't worry about not having a high school diploma
-ways to get the right clothes for an interview even if you don't have money for interview attire
- tips for preparing for an interview
- how to seek out jobs on websites like Facebook using social media
- options and websites for ways that you can get work as early as today, even if you have an odd schedule and can't work a regular job, there are still employment opportunities available for you.

I talk about taskrabbit, rover, etc.
never let your circumstances or your past define you or your future of who you are capable of becoming.

a piece of paper like a high school diploma is no indication of your ability to turn your life around and be successful in your professional life.

I never finish highed school, so I am living proof of that.
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