Neurodiversity at the Workplace in India | Rahul Jindal | The Much Much Show Ep 2

In this episode, we speak to Rahul Jindal (Director, Google India) about what it means to be truly inclusive in a professional setting, among other things. Rahul shares his knowledge about reasonable accommodations and talks about his advocacy work as well as raising funds for Neurodiversity inclusion.

Rahul has extensive experience in this space running the Google India Employee Resource Group 'Disability Alliance,' which aims to mainstream conversations around, and lead the narrative on, disability accommodations, employment and Google's DEI charter.

Rahul is also a parent advocate and venture capitalist actively backing inclusive businesses and startups in the disability space.

The Much Much Show is hosted by the co-founders of Much Much Media - Aditi and Aalap. They are an Autistic couple, self-advocates, and filmmakers based out of India.

Through this show we aim to bring you in-depth, nuanced conversations around disability and neurodivergence featuring people with lived experience of various conditions and chronic illnesses, parents, caregivers, self-advocates and allies.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:05 - What does inclusion mean to you?
1:50 - What is an ERG?
3:44 - How do ERGs help start a dialogue about accommodations, inclusion, and the different needs of employees and caregivers?
6:10 - How can companies help put more knowledge out there and build more awareness about neurodivergence?
8:48 - Better inclusion equals higher profits. In India the narrative is different. Why?
14:28 - How can companies inculcate a strengths based outlook towards neurodivergence?
19:18 - How can a communication gap between a neurodivergent employee and their employer be bridged?
23:20 - As a caregiver, what are the common misconceptions about disability that you encounter?
27:31 - What are the three things you could do to better educate people about neurodivergence?
31:18 - As a caregiver, what kind of support system do you find lacking for you and your son's wellbeing?
34:45 - Can you talk about your peach, plum, cherry, damson analogy to describe diversity?

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