Netflix CEO Makes Decision On Canceling Dave Chappelle's Special "The Closer"

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Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos addressed employees about the streamer’s controversial new Dave Chappelle stand up special, " The Closer".

In recent days, the LGBTQ+ community has criticized the comedian for several jokes that he made about trans people's "thin skin" and "cancel culture".

Sarandos provided guidance to managers on how to handle angry employees and talent who speak out against Chappelle in a Friday memo. This was sent following Netflix's quarterly review. Three junior staff members crashed the meeting . One of them was a transgender person who had posted scathing comments about Chappelle last week on Twitter. An investigation is underway. All three were suspended. "Chappelle is one the most beloved stand-up comedians of today. We have a long-standing deal with him. He also wrote that his last "Sticks & Stones" special was controversial. The memo was obtained by Variation.

Sarandos made a distinction between artistic freedom and protection of employees at work in his memo.

He said, "Particularly in stand up comedy, artistic freedom obviously is a very different level of speech than what we allow internally because the goals are different: entertaining folks versus maintaining respectful, productive workplaces." #davechappelle #thecloser #netflix

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