Neo-Nazis Defend Ukraine While the West Battles Russia | 2/28/22

The invasion of Ukraine continues as Russia sends more troops to the Ukrainian border. Despite some talks between the two countries, it appears the conflict is set to ramp up even farther. In the midst of the battle, the public is being bombarded with so much information and propaganda that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two. Is Vladimir Putin simply a dictator hell-bent on capturing Ukraine by any means necessary? Is Ukraine actually full of Neo-Nazis and not just good guys fighting against bad Russians? Will this conflict lead to the use of nuclear weapons? We try to sort through the madness and maybe even find a shred of hope. Filling in for Sydney, we’re joined by Savanah Hernandez, producer for BlazeTV’s “Slightly Offens*ve” and host of the “Rapid Fire” podcast.

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