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Dear Steven,
I have been working with MAG for four months now. It was a life-changing experience for me and most importantly, for my family. In terms of learning. My skills are developing daily, and I love them. As far as earning is concerned, I am so grateful. Thanks for helping me along the way.
Over the years, I have struggled to find a way to make a living to feed my family. I am a mother of four. I raise them from my sacrifices. It wasn't an easy task. Even though I finished college, I had a hard time finding a job during our time. Especially since we lived in a remote area. I even worked as a domestic helper abroad for several years just to support my children. I also experienced sadness and depression during those years. Not seeing my kids grow is the hardest part of motherhood. But I must stay strong for them. My first small business venture was selling cooked food (canteen) running a mini grocery and even selling street food just to support my family. Even so, it's not enough, especially since they are growing. When my 2 kids were about to go to college. I tried to support them because they are so eager to finish their schooling but it’s heartbreak for me and them for I can’t afford to send them to school. I’m earing not even enough to sustain our daily needs. So at a young age, they work early and find ways to support themselves. It’s a good thing that we are now residing near a place where they can work as a call center agent. Though they did not finish college they can be hired. For so many years that’s our routine.
Thank God that He leads my way and guides me. God knows the pain and sacrifice I got through and He finally ends it and gave me a better way of living slowly but surely was trained to start when I taught as an ESL teacher and I continue and focus to learn more in different wayfinding where I’m fitted. Until I learned about Amazon VA. I enrolled and continuously developed myself. As so blessed that you gave me this opportunity to learn and earn.
Since I was hired at MAG I already have 10 active referred interns and 2 copy writers working at MAG. Just like me, they are so thankful and so happy to be a part of this blessed company.
I’m training people for free to learn about the basics and foundation of Amazon VA and encouraging them to enroll in MAG courses.

With respect,

As a newbie in Amazon world, I'm lucky enough to have someone who gave me an opportunity to share my passion for work and to be able to learn more deeper about the business.
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