Nebosh IG2/IGC2 Risk Assessment report kaise banayen| How to pass in nebosh IG2 |Safety institute

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Nebosh IG2/IGC2 Risk Assessment report kaise banayen| How to pass in nebosh IG2 |Safety institute Patna...

What is Syllabus of Industrial Safety Management | क्या अध्ययन करें औद्योगिक सुरक्षा डिप्लोमा में | For Online HSE Students What are study chapters in Industrial Safety Management.

Videos are already made on popular topics however few are still have to make. So here are videos are with link:-
Fundamental of safety https://youtu.be/CLGX_zJ30Qg

What is Safety Profession in Hindi https://youtu.be/_yyIlTgdAoI

Management role for safety/ Workers role for safety https://youtu.be/jYysX4vrxGk

Employee training https://youtu.be/PeSTjnwU6dA https://youtu.be/craNQuf8324

Near miss https://youtu.be/b5y8bXqNj_o
Accident/ Risk/ Hazard https://youtu.be/VLSJbHqrAeA

Accident investigation https://youtu.be/YPz-CABB0c4

Safety Precaution in Excavation https://youtu.be/aKhgdiRW69g

Confined space https://youtu.be/xqnmtZvjnSo https://youtu.be/L1ZYesJWUHw

Safety Precaution in High Pressure Gases https://youtu.be/kzcfDqq312I

Introduction of PPE https://youtu.be/MR-PYVDF6pQ

Where a Safety officer get Job? | Which Industries have safety officer Job? https://youtu.be/iPEPF4Q2G_Y

Housekeeping Safety https://youtu.be/R_KUKwXgdhY

Safety Tag System and Color Coding https://youtu.be/Z4JuatdxdsU

MSDS/SDS https://youtu.be/RnA8xuMdHvo

Chemical Handling https://youtu.be/Fe55PfaLDfk

Chemical Storage https://youtu.be/2e4bViKeAww

Chemical Transportation https://youtu.be/LAS7vDCcbq4

Chemical Hazard Types https://youtu.be/NXjOVAW33To

Emergency Control https://youtu.be/DHizMaXjQTc

Safety officer course Interview Question and Answer Part 1 https://youtu.be/khFWXvCVOoY

Safety officer course Interview Questions & Answers in Hindi- Part 2 https://youtu.be/Atwj9xi_HuY

Factory Act https://youtu.be/gcOEEggjlnc

In the end I must say get the chance to grab the success through skill based training in DISD. Be Smart- Be Dynamican.

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