Dear Viewers, This tutorial video is based on NEBOSH-IG1-ELEMENT-01 and made on topics "Legal Reason to maintain safe and healthy workplace" "Employers and Employees Obligations/Responsibilities and Rights of Workers" are elaborated with simple examples.
There are no truly global laws governing workplace health and safety. Most countries have their own laws, developed over the years to tackle their own issues and concerns. However, countries often end up adopting similar basic approaches to protect the health and safety of their people; the detail may vary but the underlying principles are the same.
A key player in the area of international legal standards in health and safety is the International Labour Organization (ILO) which is an agency of the United Nations (UN). Most countries are members of the ILO. The two primary outputs of the ILO are Conventions and Recommendations.
These set international legal standards.
In 1981, the ILO adopted the Occupational Safety and Health Convention (C155). This describes a basic policy for health and safety at both the national level and the level of the individual organisation.
I have made a video consisted on syllabus of NEBOSH-IG1. See below link.
Last Video Students in my last NEBOSH video was about command words that is mandatory to you to get best idea about how to attempt NEBOSH Exam and how to get prepared for exam in best way. These Command Words (or action verbs) are utilized in the cognition outcomes of the Certificate syllabus to designate how much and how deep a student’s cognizance and understanding should be of that particular topic or area. The same command words utilized in the cognition outcomes can then be utilized in exam questions to test the student on that particular topic or area. See below video lesson on Action verbs / Command words.

https://youtu.be/ATRKb3XSusQ https://youtu.be/jYJr7rHPU50

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