N.E. Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame & HWF Founder Joe Bruen's Career Int Part 2 Chops Video Exclusive.

A staple in New England Pro Wrestling, NEPWHOF, Fan Fest & HWF Founder Joe Bruin's 1st ever career interview!! As you watch you can see & feel his love & passion for the business. Enjoy part 2 to this Chop's Video Exclusive.
I have known Joe for over 20 years. Joe is a lifelong fan, huge collector, Autograph/8X10 enthusiast, Had a wrestling Talk show, was a Ring Announcer, Booker, Started HWF, The New England Pro Wrestling HOF, Fan Fest, All Axxess, Etc.
Joe has a great story & is a longtime die hard fan from childhood to this day. He has worked his way up with a true love & passion for the business that you can see in his eyes as he tells his story.

Part 2 picks right up where part 1 left off Joe starts a Wrestling Talk show, his own Independent Wrestling company & starts branching out beyond just NEWA. He starts going more west towards Worcester, Ring Announcing & working for many of the Indy's in Mass & RI.
Let's continue on this journey..

For more of Joe Bruen's Stuff Click here. There's Samples of all talked about , his great collection, Celebrities, wrestlers Promo's, matches, NEPWHOF Inductions ,Fan Fest footage, His talk shows, his HWF events & More!
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