NDEAM 2021 - Inclusive Employer Panel Discussion

2021 NDEAM: America's Recovery, Powered by Inclusion

In this employer panel discussion, WeCo Director of Operations and Human Resources, Kelli Ryan, US Bank VP of Accessibility Matthew Luken, and Chief Accessibility Officer for Verizon, Fred Moltz discuss leveraging disability as an asset and how to be an inclusive employer.

Moderated by WeCo President, Lynn Wehrman.

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WeCo was founded by a group of citizens and professionals, all of whom live with disabilities, who worked together on accessible government web design projects.

This group of entrepreneurs envisioned a company that would forge a positive partnership between disabled individuals, businesses, and the government.

WeCo wants to create economic opportunities for people living with disabilities who otherwise might be overlooked and underutilized. Combining these individuals' user experience of navigating webpages with WeCo training, they become Certified Test Consultants who test websites and e-documents for ADA Section 508 compliance.
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