NDA SSB Interview Passing Marks | NDA SSB Marking Scheme | How To Qualify NDA SSB Interview

NDA SSB Interview Passing Marks | NDA SSB Marking Scheme | How To Qualify NDA SSB Interview

Jai Defence Aspirants...Abhinav Mehrotra this video this side....SSB Interview phases will be on various entry schemes and that is why we are focusing How is marking done in SSB? So watch this video till the end.
The SSB interview is one of the most important parts of the NDA exam that ultimately decides the destiny of an aspirant in the defence services. Most defence aspirants know that the total marks for the NDA SSB interview are 900. However, they are often confused with the marking in the individual SSB tests.

You should know that the major motive of the SSB interview is to test your personality and behaviour. Notably, these are checked by three parameters that are-

Vacha refers to the way of speaking. Through this parameter, the interviewer assess the ability of an aspirant in expressing his personality and behaviour through words. Similarly, Manasha is the personality test. It shows the aspirant’s mind and thought process. On the other hand, Karmana is the GTO test. It evaluates aspirants’ behaviour in a group. Apart from these, one of the deciding factors in the SSB interview is the conference. So, the whole SSB interview is divided into four parts, which are:
Psychological test
Personal interview

Now, let’s see the marks distribution in the SSB interview for each topic. We know that the total marks in the SSB interview is 900. Each part mentioned above has a similar weightage. If we divide 900 by 4, then we will know that all 4 topics contain 225 marks. So,
The psychological test contains – 225 marks
The personal interview contains – 225 marks
GTO contains – 225 marks
The conference contains – 225 marks

But what is the ideal cutoff for an SSB interview? If you attain more than 250+ marks, then it is considered a good mark for the SSB interview. However, cutoffs fluctuate each year depending on various factors.

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