NBA YoungBoy ENDS NLE Choppa For Dissing Him

NBA YoungBoy ENDS NLE Choppa For Dissing Him

For a long time, everybody was wondering what was going on between NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy. I mean, it always seemed like Choppa was a huge YoungBoy fan, and they didn’t really have any noticeable beef between one another. Unfortunately, it seems like what happened is a little more complicated than them just throwing diss tracks back and forth. I mean, that did happen. But you’ll see what I mean.

A lot of people might think that this actually all started with the whole Lil Durk/NBA YoungBoy beef, but that’s not the case. That being said, a lot of the players are the same. It all actually started for NLE when he ran into some issues with Quando Rondo back in 2019, before Von even passed away. At this point, the news probably flew under the radar for a lot of people, because Quando didn’t have nearly as much notoriety back then.

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