Native Americans and the Value of Freedom | The Mike Hill Series | Episode 5 (WiM128)

Mike Hill joins for me for a multi-episode exploration of the masterful book “Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals” written by best-selling author Robert Pirsig. This book may be one of the most undervalued ever written, as it proposes an alternative interpretation of reality that Pirsig calls “The Metaphysics of Quality” (MOQ). According to MOQ, reality is not made up of substance, but rather it is composed of distinct patterns of value. In a Copernican-like revolution of perspective, MOQ sheds new light on age-old debates such as moral relativism, the nature of subject-object duality, good vs. evil, science vs. religion, the importance of freedom, and the primacy of action.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 How Inorganic Reality Influences Social Morality
00:03:47 Native Americans Viewed the Universe as a Conscious Actor
00:08:00 Static Patterns of Value as “Shadows” of Dynamic Quality
00:12:05 The Limited Arises From and Returns to The Limitless
00:14:07 Evolutionary Complexity as the Proper Spectrum of Morality
00:17:50 Paradox Occurs When Different Levels of Value Disagree?
00:19:41 Rationality: What Ratio of Value Systems are Weighted in Any Given Decision
00:25:02 Production Designs Involve Subliminal Messaging from the Environment
00:27:07 An Analogy of Pedestrians in New York and Two Red Blood Cells…
00:33:47 Native Americans Conceived of Reality as a Participatory Phenomenon
00:35:57 American Values as a Synthesis of European and Native American Values
00:40:05 The Westward Manifestation of American Values in Architecture
00:45:28 Native Americans are Plainspoken: “The Voice of the Plains”
00:47:28 American Cowboys Appropriated Native American Values
00:50:43 NYDIG
00:51:52 Notable Native American Traits
00:54:48 Conditions of Scarcity as an Evolutionary Driver of Value Systems
00:58:00 Franz Boas and The Scientism of Cultural Anthropology
01:02:02 Bicoastal US Value Systems Reflected in Socioeconomic Institutions
01:06:04 Dynamic Quality is the Pursuit of Metaphysical Freedom
01:07:58 Visualizing the Fields of Value We All Live Within
01:09:53 The Eye of God, Material Engagement, and Civilizational Bootstrapping
01:12:58 Poetic and Pragmatic: God and Free Exchange

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